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He authorizes Niimi to proceed with the plan to resurrect Project Izumo ("Farewell to the Solar System").

Late in the Garmillas-Earth War, he commanded the space battleship Kirishima, and more than three years later, he became the captain of the experimental warship Andromeda.

These attitudes underlie his immediate and unprovoked attack on Garmillan vessels during first contact.

They also drive his willingness to plot a mutiny in favor of the familiar Project Izumo against the Yamato mission and Queen Starsha's offer of unseen alien technology ("A World I Once Saw", "A Choice for the Future"). He is frustrated by the public praise given to Juzo Okita as a hero of the war with Garmillas, despite his own leadership and effort.

Despite General Serizawa's backing from Central Command, Okita refused the order on the grounds that the aliens' intentions and abilities were not yet known.

The general stripped Okita of command and directly instructed Captain Daigo Shima aboard the Murasame to carry out the order.

Serizawa held the position of UNCF military director as early as 2191, soon after an advance force from the Great Garmillas Empire was detected near Pluto.

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