Radcliffe watson dating

Not even her ex-co-star Kenneth Branagh's direction of the piece was enough to get her on board.The role later went to Downton Abbey star, Lily James.25.

She has two cats named Bubbles and Domino and is a big animal lover.16.Her favourite television shows include: Friends; Girls; Mad Men; House Of Cards; and America's Next Top Model. Her younger brother took after her when it comes to modelling.Alex Watson, 22, has done campaigns for big names such as Silhouette, an international glasses manufacturer, and Burberry alongside his sister.18.When Watson has worked as an actor, she’s worked like a movie star, culminating with this spring’s one-two punch of , will likely to secure her status in the upper echelon of Hollywood.Where Radcliffe has sought transformation in his acting, leading to parts that are challenging and distinct above all else, Watson appears more interested in stories with grand narrative weight and significant cultural resonance, from the Biblical flood to beloved novels to a Disney landmark.She worked with Bonham Carter in four of the Harry Potter films. She is a self-confessed feminist and spoke out in 2014 at the UN about the subject, which gained her enormous praise.24.

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