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But in those cases, there are filters (digital and social) to help avoid them.

Sites like OKCupid, for example, typically allow people to write longer bios and answer hundreds of preference questions; you can adjust your settings so that you don’t receive any messages under a certain word count.

It’s May 2015, and Toronto’s Supermarket Restaurant & Bar is packed with Tinderellas—boisterous single women seeking their Prince Charmings on the world’s most popular location-based dating app.Tinder and many location-based apps like it, in contrast, let you participate after providing nothing more than a photo and a Facebook account.While old-school dating websites still have a loyal following, use of the latter has skyrocketed since the launch of Tinder back in 2012. K.-based research firm Global Web Index, there are now 91 million people on Tinder and the many copycats that followed.In one recent post, when a woman politely informed a man with a shirtless, faceless six-pack profile that she wasn’t interested, he responded with “Even I don’t like fat bitches.” In another, a man threatened to jab his penis against a woman’s head. ” he told her “Rape is frat”—implying rape is a normal bro-style activity.Women are often called c-nts and whores and told to go kill themselves—all this for responding with a “no thanks” to a man’s advances. Laura Nowak, a 25-year-old blonde with an expressive face who lives in Toronto, uses the word “feminist” in her Tinder bio.They've weighed in on what to wear on a first date.

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