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The danger, she says, of getting involved is that you will begin to see your own marriage as divorce material.

“It’s like getting broody when all your friends are having children,” she says.

Except two days after moving in, Jack moved out – leaving the others to patch up Jill.

“We loved them both dearly,” says Sally, “but there was a selfish bit of me that did want to cry: 'We’ve just got everything nice, and now you’ve ballsed it all up.’” Though my pal’s marriage survived, be warned: When it comes to inter-marital groping, the Home Counties are a hot-bed – as Kim discovered.

Mid-life was once a time to sit back and smell the roses.

OK, you probably smelled your partner’s socks, too, but that was the price you paid for security.

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After 25 years of shared good times, Jack and Jill bought a house round the corner: their foursome was futureproof.When parents’ socialise around school, kids can struggle, as partners get shuffled. Truth is, we middle-aged fogies don’t want to see a new face in the pack.Sally “froze” when her divorced pal introduced her new boyfriend – a pony-tailed hippy who couldn’t have been more different to her tough, military ex.Not any more: the mid-life marriage meltdown is on the rise, from Hollywood to Huddersfield.According to the latest figures by the Office for National Statistics, divorce rates among the 40-44 age group are increasing again, a trend that would appear to be reflected in Tinsel Town: Jennifer Garner (43) and Ben Affleck (42) have fallen victim after 10 years, two daughters and a son together.“If your friends are getting divorced you can’t help but feel a sense that it could happen to you.” Fear was indeed the first emotion experienced by my friend Sally, when her best friends split up earlier this year.

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