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ilag - yes [ Af:2 At:-13 Sp:0] *picks up stone and throws it at you, missing by several feet* ilag - *takes out .50 AE fires* BOOM! mike - that's horrible [ Af:-4 At:6 Sp:-1] What are three songs on your i Pod? We will create an ‘alias’ option in the future for those members who do not want to use their real names, but we strongly believe that professionals should reveal their identity.

mike - mexico [ Af:-5 At:7 Sp:-1] I prefer to keep my thoughts private. mike - Yes [ Af:-4 At:7 Sp:-1] The dirtiest place I've ever seen is a chickenhouse. mike - wow [ Af:-4 At:7 Sp:-1] Surprising, isn't it? If people click this link, a blocked page may be shown (dependent on your preference).

Quabbe - No, you're definitely a robot [ Af:-2 At:14 Sp:0] Nonsense. Quabbe - What was your mothers maiden name [ Af:-2 At:14 Sp:0] Suzette.

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Quabbe - not really, I had to take a K pay cut to work there and the company I was working for was definitely the bottom rung of the industry [ Af:-2 At:9 Sp:0] Not that you have a choice. Quabbe - I said I was NOT sad [ Af:-2 At:9 Sp:0] Why do you feel glad?

Ultimately it usually comes down to conditioning or genetics. Here is the extent of my interaction with Suzette before it revealed itself to be the mindless token manipulation mechanism that it is: Hi 1 !

[ Af:0 At:13 Sp:0] I feel we have a great relationship. I am always amazed at 1) how little progress has been made since Weizenbaum's original Eliza program, and 2) how these chatbots can fool anyone.

mike - cool [ Af:-5 At:6 Sp:-1] What's the dirtiest place you've ever seen? And she really should try to make up her mind about what she cares about.

Alice doesn't have much of a memory, she annoyed the hell out of me, insisting we talked about child care.

If we have the impression your e-mail address doesn’t work (anymore) we might contact you via phone.

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