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Animal-loving users online were keen to assist in the appeal, with 13,000 people sharing the post across Facebook.One woman wrote: 'Ahh he’s beautiful, I hope you manage to reunite him with his family.Relatives had argued the inquests could not take place without naming suspects, while their lawyers said discussing perpetrators 'is central to the case'.The coroner's decision was especially controversial as suspected members of the terror cell have been named in the past.He is wearing a silver chained collar but it does not hold any details of an address.

Justice4the21, the main campaign group representing many of the victims' families, said they would 'no longer participate' in the hearings following the coroner's decision.Pictured: Justice4the21 who helped raise the money A new inquest into the IRA's Birmingham pub bombings can name the suspects, judges ruled yesterday.Families of victims were forced to raise almost £40,000 to launch a legal challenge after coroner Sir Peter Thornton said he would omit the issue of the perpetrators from the hearing.and realise that without the perpetrators in scope, the inquest will make a mockery of our justice system.We would hope and pray that the coroner makes the common-sense decision.'A spokesman for the inquests said: 'The coroner ...Sir Peter Thornton ruled in July last year that investigations into the identity of those responsible for the atrocities should not form part of his inquiry into the 1974 attacks.

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