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Although we’re unsure if Cilla would approve, the viewing public certainly seemed to.

The new series began with 1.4 million viewers, a 9.1% share of the audience, from 10pm on Monday.

The thrilling show depicts these civilians as they attempt to remain untraced for 25 days, with a team of ex-military, police and CIA agents trying to locate their whereabouts.

Those who manage to remain under the radar after the allotted time, while reaching the extraction point, will win a share of £100,000.

It had the better of Channel 5’s Big Brother, which drew 1.2 million viewers (7.9%) and BBC2’s Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience.

Host Richardson – who is in a relationship with fellow presenter Sue Perkins – recently claimed that it feels “completely natural” to be with a woman, but also that it can be “far more intense” than dating men.

The show won more viewers than Big Brother and BBC2, after it was labelled as “Blind Date in a brothel”.

Naked Attraction – Channel 4’s new nude game show hosted by Anna Richardson – has proven a hit with viewers, despite being described as “poisonous” and “exploitative”.

For people who’d rather not get their privates out on national television, then maybe In the popular reality show, a selection of civilians hit the road – or go off road – to try to stay away from their pursuers for as long as they can.

 The show sees a singleton pick a date from a line-up of six people – but their prospective dates appear in the studio without any clothes on.

As the show goes progresses, the contestant rules out people based on whose physiques they’re attracted to – talking Richardson through their choices as they go along.

"But, you're single, you want to find someone, so why not?

"She spends the rest of the episode debating girth vs.

As the potential matches were whittled down, Richardson – who previously hosted The Sex Education Show – revealed information about what people “normally use to judge a partner on” – from what they do for a living, to how they dress.

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