Sedating cat


Fractious cats are a danger to themselves, as well as to our techs and doctors who have to examine and restrain them.

In the past, the only way to handle these cats was to completely sedate them.

For major surgery, for instance, sedatives such as Diazepam is typically given.Gabapentin does not cause full sedation, but causes a cat to be a little slow. Danna said the best way to describe the effects is that it makes the patient indifferent. For safety, owners should know that a cat treated with gabapentin may be woozy or uncoordinated until the medication wears off.The cat is not fearful, aggressive, anxious or even happy. Your cat should be confined away from stairs, high cat trees or other fall hazards until he is back to normal.However, if your cat has kidney or liver problems, this should not be given.Clonidine is another drug that is used to stabilize the blood pressure of a person, but it also has sedative effects on cats.Even when certain drugs with calming or sedative effect could easily be purchased over-the-counter, you need to have your cat checked first and see if she is healthy enough to take those drugs and be sedated.

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