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Why not join in with the many SSTV'ers around the worls on the "Live Chat Server" You can just watch to see whats going on, Ask a question about SSTV problems you may have with Analogue SSTV software or Easy Pal software.You can arange a sked or just have a chat with other's with a interest in Ham Radio digital modes.The place to find most activity is on the 20m band 14.236.The program and the codec used are all free open source and are cross platform so it can run under both Windows and Linux with the source code available to everyone.For RX only you will only need one sound card but for RX/TX you will need a second sound card, one of the cheap USB sounds dongles will do fine.First tests with Free DV were very encouraging finding 3 others on 14.236 within 10 minutes of installing the software.Easy Pal can be a bit complicated to first time users with so many settings to do, I have made a page that should help the first time user to Easy Pal.This is just a basic get you going with all needed first time settings to get you on the air and receiving and transmitting regular Easy Pal and the new Hybrid Easy Pal.

When i'm doing the valve springs, if I use and air compressor do i just need to get a threaded fitting to stick in the spark plug hole wiht the other ones in then compress the head and pull the valve springs, and keep it compressed till I get the new one in there or once the valve spring is out can i decompress till I install. These image types could be GIF, JPG, BMP or similar depending on the computer software used for the SSTV transmissions. Each colour has it's own frequency in SSTV mode and the software simply codes the colour into an audible frequency tone that can be interfaced into the microphone system of the radio.The receiving end software simply decodes the frequency tone back into the colour.You will then be able to pick up SSTV from all over the world.To see the latest SSTV pictures I have received with MMSSTV just click HERE or to see my digital RX images from Easy Pal click HEREKeep up to date with what's new in the world of analogue SSTV and digital Easy Pal.Click HERE or the image on the right for more info and videos.

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