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For more than 25 years, the Singaporean government has tried to step in to get couples together to overturn the country's record-low fertility rates.Despite a slew of organized dances, wine tastings, and cruises, according to , they have been some of the country's least successful social engineering programs.In the latest government-backed move to spark romance, Singapore's marriage-promoting Social Development Network has launched a new product dubbed "love gifts." Know a lonely single?You can purchase gift vouchers of so your single friend or family member can spend the cash on dates or dating services.

Singapore seems to be succeeding at most things, except mating.

It almost seems immune to the typical fluctuations one can come to expect over traditionally slow periods of the year, such as summers and the holiday season.

It's also a Mobile-dominating market year round.

The same can be said about our corresponding payouts in this vertical.

Dating has proven to provide consistent revenue streams year in and year out.

With the click of a mouse, members can instantly see photos and read about potential matches in their area.

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