Firemen dating


Television brings to us every week some of the most gorgeous hunks.

They make it a pleasure to watch and drool at their ripped bodies. There are firemen and cops, detectives and doctors, musicians and politicians. Jen and I had fun with this post and we hope it will entertain you.

It’s been a rough go for Justin Chambers as Dr Alex Karev on “Grey’s Anatomy.” Alex is one of the two original interns of the show.

He is leaning toward being with his fellow classmate, Meredith.

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But Charles is also an awesome and sexy guy in real life.

Dan is the computer geek Andy Salowitz that helps the team.

Before this, Dan won his Emmy for playing sweet, naive James Novak , hubby to political monster, Cyrus on “Scandal” .

Sadly, this is the final season of the forensic drama. They are the FBI agents “Quantico” Jake Mc Laughlin as Agent Ryan Booth fights and romances the exotic Alex .

Peter Crause is the suave and sexy con man Benjamin Jones on “The Catch” . It’s been touch and go and he still isn’t out of the woods for “Scandal’s” Guillermo Diaz as Diego Munoz or “Huck” .

Now he is glad to serve you on the NBC comedy, “Superstore” as “Jonah” We first saw Jonathan Jackson as the son of soap opera icons “Luke and Laura” on “General Hospital” Today he plays the devoted hubby and producer Avery Barkley on CMT’s “Nashville” which was renewed for another season.

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