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And, when Jewish spies were sent in to the Land of Israel and came back with reports of great dangers, it was the men who refused to enter.

He took Chinese and Far Eastern studies at Dartmouth and Michigan and became obsessed by the Asian cooking he shared with Chinese fellow students.At San Francisco’s acclaimed new Monsoon restaurant, BRUCE COST, 44, is showing why experts consider him one of the most important cooks of Asian food in America, even though he is a Connecticut Yankee by birth.Celebrating the panoply of tastes and techniques in the Pacific Rim, he is educating as well as delighting his clientele by researching and reviving Chinese recipes up to 2,000 years old.There are many examples, one being Rebecca, who helped disguise her son Jacob so that her husband, Isaac, would bestow a blessing upon him and not upon Jacob's brother, Esau.She knew that it was Jacob who had the character to become the father of the Jewish people. On Friday night, she sits as the queen of her table, while all those around her sing her praises. She is the Eishet Chayil, the Woman of Valor, who sets the tone of love, spirituality, and personal growth for all those around her.New Flavors in the Melting Pot In an invigorating East-West fusion, the piquant cuisines of the Pacific Rim (Thai, Korean, Vietnamese…) renew nouvelle and put fresh barb in barbecue Just when we’ve learned to distinguish Hunan from Szechuan, and even as we were growing a teensy bit tired of tempura, Oriental food has leaped ahead of our groping chopsticks.

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