Error updating the driver

This problem is caused by the internal DXVA H.264 decoder of MPC in combination with a buggy graphics driver.Updating your graphics driver will in most cases solve the problem.You can enable that codec with the Codec Tweak Tool (manage VFW codecs).

Enable Microsoft PCM in LAV Audio decoder or IMA ADPCM in ffdshow audio decoder.majortype: MEDIATYPE_Audio subtype: Unknown GUID Name formattype: FORMAT_Wave Format Ex The format above is Ogg Vorbis audio.

A fewof the renderers are not compatible with the image saving functionality of Media Player Classic.

Renderers that are not compatible are Overlay Mixer and mad VR.

This usually means that there is a filter missing that is needed to decode one of the streams in the file.

The error message should show some information about the required format, but this information is very cryptic.

Enable Vorbis in LAV audio decoder or ffdshow audio decoder.majortype: MEDIATYPE_Video subtype: Unknown GUID Name formattype: FORMAT_Video Info2 You may get the above error when there is a problem with your graphics driver that prevents the use of DXVA.

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