Dating omega watches serial number

Power Reserve From published source or own measurements.The measured value is truncated down to whole hours, and as individual variations are reasonable, additionally one hour is subtracted.Usually the construction height is given, thus the distance between the surface*, the dial is resting on, and the highest plate, bridge, or cock on the back side, or the rotor of automatics respectively.Parts like screw heads, settings, regulators, or outstanding pivot ends are not taken into account, because they can be modified to achieve over all the construction height.The watch section is already big enough to evaluate many watches. Maybe, somebody else will bring some life into these sections with an own market place.Many descriptions contain informations about history and technology.US sizes are usually precise, because US movements and cases were standardized to a certain extent.

This prevents copyright troubles, and guarantees a consistent relation between item and price.

Most facts need no explanation, but the following well: Diameter D Additionally to the nominal diameter in French lignes or US sizes diameters are given in mm (Millimeters) as follows: D not further specified value from public sources.

Dn nominal diameter, calculated from the value in lignes or the US size.

If calculated from lignes it is normally the maximum mounting diameter, while the US size usually represents the outer diameter. With this diameter the movement fits into the aperture of the case or mounting frame - therefore slightly smaller than Dn. Most movements have a flange a little bigger than Dm, to rest on the case band or mounting frame.

For odd shaped calibres accordingly two dimensions are recorded.

Mainspring / Battery For mechanical watches the mainspring is described.

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