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One of the many misconceptions is that trans folks have a fondness for deceiving potential partners.For some this is one of the most frightening moments when you're dating as a transgendered person, and also perhaps, as a person who dates who is constantly in fear of finding out that the person you're dating is not heterosexual.A site can be popular and still be host to many repulsive individuals and be the cause of many unpleasant encounters.Experiences in dating sites even made for transgenders can leave feeling one displaced.Today, those who take on this role are more open about their sexuality.Unfortunately, not all humans share this mutual view of the gender-variant group.As to being asked about your genitals, regardless of context, it is just rude and inappropriate.As a transexual who lives a certain way, those who are of a conventional mindset are bound to be curious and ask.

If you're a trans who has had less than stellar dating experiences in the past, or if you've had mortifying encounters when you first started going out on dates, you might soon meet someone who looks past all labels and see you for just what you are as a person and value a relationship with you without any regard for what can be found in between your knees.

There are websites that act as a safe place where transgender dating is embraced.

There are forum-based communities where members can interact and share their experiences.

Thanks to specialized dating sites, there is almost no need to live and date in fear – of being asked about one's preference, lifestyle, and worse, anatomy.

Being asked about one's preference and lifestyle is not bad in itself; it is only when the line of questioning veer towards intrusion and with a tinge of judgment that it becomes so.

It is not always kindness, brotherhood and acceptance in these sites, however.

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